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RIDICULOUS RETURN SYSTEM - I'd Rather Be Water Boarded
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Its been a while since i returned something i bought on matty but it seems this process has gotten really difficult and ridiculous. Previously when i called to return something within my 30 day window, they did whatever they do on their end and they send me an email with the address to where i need to send the returned item which was always wrong and i ended up having to get ups/fedex on the phone because they could not deliver saying that they were not there anymore or could not find matty collector or dcl returns dept.

Any way i called this time within my return window and they tell me that i am out of my 30 day window, when clearly i was not, They then said they have to send it to some dept and i would be contacted in 3 business days. 1 week later still nothing. So i call again today and they confirm i was within the 30 day window but ALL return requests need to go to an escalation dept and they are back logged and someone will call me in 2 business days. When i tell them this procedure is new and i have not encountered it before, they insist it has always been like this.

First this has not happened before whereby my request is being sent to some dept. Second, why does it take them so long for something straight forward? Third, why can't returns be automated and done self serice online? Fourth they need to change their name on the address because UPS/Fedex can't seem to find them because they are looking for matty collector an not DCL returns dept. Returning stuff to matty is worse then pulling teeth. I'd rather be water boarded at gitmo and be forced to eat a manwhich then have to go through "a return and item to matty collector experience". Even the devil is not so cruel! This is exactly why you make it so hard!! It is engineered so even the most tenacious give up.

I need my situation resolved ASAP if you ever hope to bleed me for anymore money which now with the early access program has pretty much pushed me off matty by not even being able to get the convention stuff i may want.

Truly matty collector has THE worst customer service in the entire world and you beat Comcast by light years. It's like you have someone working at your company with one religiously dedicated mission to come up with strategies and methodology on how to completely psychologically destroy, torture and infuriate your retail partners and customers.
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We apologize for the issue you have experienced and we are currently researching the issue. Someone will contact you to assist with the resolution.
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