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may we cancel our filmation subs if...
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Okay, when the sub drive for 2013 was in full speed, Scott Neitlich told us that he totally heard us and that 2014 and 2015 will be all-star-years if Mattel only gets enough subscribers. Time and time again when someone asked for minor characters or variants the answer given was: Anything is possible but we must concentrate on the HEAVY HITTERS first. Then in early 2013 the filmation sub was announced, half a year later than what Scott promised after the sub drive.

Now we keep hearing again and again that Plundor and Nepthu will be the figures for November and December, two characters literally NOONE wants or asked for. That leaves only ONE slot in the filmation sub for PoP figures, despite the fact that this cartoon had a lot more recognizable characters that are highly fan-demanded.

NOW the few people at SDCC will vote over Huntara vs Lord Masque, two of the most wanted characters of them all. Everyone knows that surely Lord Masque will win, because we already get Shokoti who should have come in a two pack with him, because they belong together just like the Star Sisters or FFM belong together. She will be incomplete without him. And though his design is very plain and boring the Silaxian huntress will lose against him and might never get a chance to be made.

So, if the slots in the filmation sub REALLY are wasted on Plundor and Nepthu, may we cancel our filamtion subs because the promise to concentrate on the heavy hitters was broken?

We have the power!
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First off we have NOT CONFIRMED the remaing Filmation sub characters so lets squash this "it's Plundor and Nephthu" rumor right now as we have not announced or confirmed this. This is 100% a fan generated rumor.

And no, subs may not be canceled because we build our quotas around them years in advance.

Finally, just because one character loses this poll does not mean he/she couldn't be released in 2016 or beyond after the 2 year wrap up is done!
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