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Hi TG.

So Death then?

Uhhh. What the ****?

Which line is she from?
When did Mattel start making statuettes?
Is she the first figure from the new "compatible" DC line?
Is there an SDCC exclusive DCUC/AS/Signature Series/Whatever figure this year?
Are we going to see more Vertigo characters and in what form?

Can you tell us a little more please?


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She is the start of a whole new look of 8" DC Stactions. We are trying it out with one figure Death to see what fans think. This is not intended to replace 6". 6" will continue strong on Mattycollector.com with Flash 1 on sale in two weeks! It is just a fun new way to collect the DC Universe. It won't be for every fan, but for those into this look/interpretation - jackpot!

If this line proves popular enough, who know where it could go!
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