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Toy Lines
Want to talk toys? You’ve come to the right place. There are forums for all your old – and new – favorites.
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MOTU Classics
Enrich your life today with an engrossing discussion of the classics… MOTU Classics, that is!

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Re: MOTUC Blade (BrandontheMattyCollector)
MOTU Vintage (1981-1987)
Dude, the ‘80s were, like, so totally awesome! And of course, so was the Masters of the Universe® line from 1981-1987. Rap about it here.

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Re: Vintage He-Man versus Pac-Man (Dark-Dash)
MOTU New Adventures of He-Man (1989-1992 TV Series)
The journeys of He-Man® and the Galactic Guardians on the futuristic planet of Primus live forever in the forum within!

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
MOTU He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002-2004 TV Series)
By the Power of Grayskull™, this is the place to chat about the TV series that originally aired on Cartoon Network and the toys that inspired it!

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Re: Are the 200X MoTU figures gene... (Palazzolor)
She-Ra™ Vintage (1984-1986)
Whether you want to talk about the toys, animated movie, or TV series, the alter ego of Princess Adora shall reign for eternity within this forum.

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
One man (and a sidekick) carries on the eternal battle of good versus evil in the crime-infested city of Gotham. Discuss all things Caped Crusader here.

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
The Dark Knight™
In the hit film franchise The Dark Knight™, our hero continues his personal war on crime. Visit this forum for banter about Batman™.

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
DCU Animated Original Movie Series
Dig the DC Universe Animated Original Movie series? Here’s the official thread.
2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
DCU Classics
Straight from the pages of DC Comics comes DCU Classics, 6” fully-articulated figures of all your favorites. Meet other collectors and talk about ‘em here.

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Re: Best way to start a new DCUC c... (Palazzolor)
DCU Infinite Heroes™
The toys may be small, but the talk is big here in the Infinite Heroes™ forum!

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
DCU Justice League Unlimited™
Here’s the place to connect with other fans of the JLU. The show may be over, but the hot look lives on at MattyCollector.com!

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Re: Your Most Challenging JLU Acqu... (Adam Keaton)
DCU Young Justice™
Their operations are covert, but the discussion about this team of teenage superheroes can be found right here!
2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
Disney/Pixar’s Cars
Arguably one of the best car-related flicks of all time, get your Cars conversation revved up here.

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
Ghostbusters™ Classics
It’s slime time all the time in the Ghostbusters™ fan forum! Suit up and talk about everyone’s favorite supernatural spectacular.

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Re: Movie scenes using Matty figur... (Alex Newborn)
Green Lantern
Hal took an oath and so should you… to discuss Green Lantern here!

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if you are missing any of the ... (python6)
Retro-Action™ DC Super Heroes™
Collectors and fans, gather here to time-trip back to the days of 8" figures with this all-new segment.

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2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
Activate interlocks! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go! Let’s talk VOLTRON!
2014 Chase Figures (Matty)
Get in the conversation ring with other WWE® fans here!
Re: Ultimate Warrior R.I.P.:( (deadnfloyd)
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